Sigrid Liedts

Clinical psychologist in training

Hasselt, Brussel

I am a young and enthusiastic psychologist in training, surrounded by a team of experienced professionals. My approach blends client-centered and cognitive-behavioral methods, aiming to activate untapped strengths in each individual.

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein


My background

As a young and driven psychologist in training at KUL, I am surrounded by a team of experienced professionals. In 2018, I graduated as a social worker, enriching my understanding of social and societal factors and strengthening my holistic approach. My background includes internship experience in addiction care (De Spiegel) and at the psychiatric hospital Sint-Kamillus. Here, I applied various therapy approaches to support individuals in recovery and rehabilitation. Additionally, I was actively involved as a volunteer at 'Halte 51,' a residential facility for young adults with diverse psychosocial problems.

What you can come to me for:

  • Integrative psychological guidance
  • Client-centered and cognitive-behavioral methodologies
  • Support for addiction issues and psychosocial challenges
  • Guidance focused on personal growth and self-development

What characterizes me

  • A passionate and authentic approach
  • Strong empathy and closeness in guidance
  • A broad interest and versatile approach

My approach

My approach is integrative and encompasses both client-centered and cognitive-behavioral methodologies. I strongly believe in closeness, acceptance, and empathy as essential building blocks for effective guidance. At the same time, I am convinced of the power of behavioral activation and teaching new skills. My passion lies in understanding and activating the untapped strengths and resources in each individual.

My leisure activities

As an enthusiastic sports lover with a passion for both ice hockey and crossfit, I understand how physical health and an active lifestyle go hand in hand. As a crossfit coach, I have experience guiding people in their quest for a balanced lifestyle. I describe myself as a driven, authentic, and versatile person with a broad interest in various aspects of life. In my free time, I enjoy slowing down with a good coffee in the company of friends or family.

Do you need a good conversation or are you looking for help to tackle your personal challenges? I'm here to support you.