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As your trusted partner in mental well-being, we offer scientifically supported guidance in every stage of life. This way, we collaborate on personal or professional growth with sustainable results. Whether you meet us in Hasselt, Brussels, during an online consultation, or through our digital tools for blended learning, we are here for you in every stage of life.

Get acquainted with our experts today to improve your mental well-being or that of your employees.

Mental well-bieng

Feeling good is essential. It's about taking care of yourself and the people around you. Whether you have questions about your own mental health or are concerned about a loved one.


We are here to help.

At Faresa, we offer diagnostics for conditions such as autism or ADHD and specialized behavioral therapy for both adults and children. Our approach is personal and expert, always in dialogue with you. Do you prefer a face-to-face conversation or digital guidance with a human touch? Our experts are ready to support you on your journey to mental well-being.

Well-being at the workplace

As an HR or Safety Manager, the well-being of your employees is paramount.



To support you in this, we offer both digital and personal assistance to effectively implement the mental well-being policy of your organization. Our well-being consultants are ready to work with you to provide a clear picture of mental health within your organization and initiate interventions that have a lasting positive impact.

Our expertise

Innovative technology enables us to offer scientifically supported clinical interventions personally and tailored to individuals in every stage of life, through various entry points, at home or in the workplace.

Wetenschappelijk onderbouwd
Wetenschappelijk onderbouwd-inverse

Scientifically grounded

Thanks to our dedication to research, education, and expertise, we embrace new developments and only approach you with methods that have proven their effectiveness.

Het individu staat centraal
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Personal and tailored

Everyone is unique. We provide personalized guidance tailored to your life story, with the goal of fostering lasting positive change and resilience in every phase of your life.

Klinische expertise
Klinische expertise-inverse

Clinical expertise

Our team of expert therapists and coaches relies on evidence-based methods. With in-depth expertise in anxiety, sadness, depression, and burnout, we provide tailored approaches to help you move forward.


Innovation through technology

Technology and digital tools are powerful. Therefore, we consciously focus on blended care, enabling us to support you even more effectively with our clinical expertise.

What our clients say

We value warm and sustainable customer relationships by delivering quality. We embark on the journey together, with companies and their employees, as well as individuals who personally seek our help with their mental well-being.


"Since 2018, Het Poetsbureau, in collaboration with FARESA, has been committed to providing free psychological assistance to all its employees. Last year, we renewed our partnership with a focused approach to addressing identified challenges. We noticed a need for more physical presence in various regions, so FARESA established a network of 7 antennas. Additionally, we expanded the offering to other business units, namely Glowi Facilities and Glowi Jobs. To increase our involvement in diversity and make our offering as accessible as possible, we invested in a new marketing campaign and established shared agreements on dealing with non-native speakers. We also implemented communication in multiple languages. The online booking platform set up by FARESA specifically for Glowi reduces the need for extensive online searching and clicking through. We aim to make psychological assistance accessible to anyone in need. Faresa actively collaborates with us, advising us based on the conversations held to develop a preventive and positive well-being policy."

Jo Mellemans

Chairman board of directors


"As the coordinator of the trajectory for enterprises with growth ambitions, I focus on the entrepreneur, the enterprise, and the strategy. These three components must be in balance. Since the first edition of Accelero in 2018, Faresa has been a partner. At the start of the annual trajectory, we provide each entrepreneur with a one-on-one conversation with Nele. This results in a report that may or may not be shared with myself as an advisor. This has led to results: for some entrepreneurs, it provides drastic insights and actions; for others, it confirms with smaller recommendations."

Joeri Stoop

Senior advisor for scale-ups and growth enterprises


"I discovered Faresa through the article in Made In Limburg about LRM's investment in their burnout prevention. I liked the approach they described. I was able to reach out to them fairly quickly with my request for help. Their approach and coaching helped me to return to work."


Faresa client


"I was feeling a bit tangled up within myself. I had worked a lot and hard for a long period. I chose Faresa because I had a positive experience with them in the past. I recommend Faresa because you can be helped quickly. They give you good tips that you can work with. They make you think in a different way so you can move forward again."


Faresa client


"Faresa offers excellent, tailor-made psychological assistance. They respond quickly, demonstrate professionalism, and adapt their support flexibly, resulting in a highly positive experience for employees."

Jill Vander Kelen

Senior HR Manager


"I had been experiencing burnout for a while and felt like I wasn't making any progress, even though I had been working with a burnout coach for months. The insurance doctor advised me to see a psychologist. I simply googled and came across Faresa. I immediately felt comfortable with Sofie, and with the tips she gives me, I work on them every time. I feel myself getting better month after month, and I'm so glad I took the step to see a psychologist. She addresses the whole picture, not just the burnout I was struggling with at the time. Thanks to her, I now feel stronger and can better set my boundaries. I can't say why Faresa would be better than other options because it's my first time seeing a psychologist. But I am convinced that the people who work there are very competent, understanding, and can provide a solution to take steps in the right direction towards healing."


Faresa client

pb leiner logo

"We needed fast support for an employee who was dealing with personal issues. We were able to start very quickly, and solid, professional support was provided, allowing the employee to reintegrate into work quickly."

PB Leiner


"Our collaboration with Faresa has opened the door to new possibilities in the use of advanced technologies within mental healthcare. Together, we conducted several projects on the role of technology in therapy, allowing us to further strengthen the scientific basis of our product. Faresa's innovative approach, seamlessly integrating science and technology, has also helped us refine our products and services in terms of user experience and therapeutic effectiveness. We look forward to the continued positive impact Faresa will have in the field of mental health."

Stefanie Broes



"Our first introduction to Faresa was facilitated through the occupational health service, and from the very beginning, we have experienced a very positive collaboration. Initially, ample time was taken to get to know our organization."



"The digital experts at Faresa supported our team with a strong commitment in developing a digital company scan to assess and score well-being maturity. Very satisfied with the smooth collaboration, completion, and follow-up of this meaningful tool."

Brecht Buysschaert

CEO and Founding partner, senior well-being consultant, keynote speaker


"Since the end of last year, I've been going through a difficult period in my life. My stress levels were through the roof, and my energy levels were at rock bottom. I put a lot of pressure on myself in every aspect of my life. Everything in my life had to be perfect: my work, my children, my household. In the first few months, I took some steps to learn to recognize my stress signals and lower my stress levels. That was a first step in the right direction, but it wasn't enough to increase my energy levels. So, I searched for a practice that could help me adjust some behaviors that contributed to unnecessary stress and drained my energy. Together, we looked for things that demanded a lot of energy from me and were actually unnecessary. Thanks to the "assignments" I received each time, I learned to recognize that I'm also allowed to think about myself, that not everything has to be perfect before doing something that gives you energy, and that you can let go a bit more than you sometimes think. Slowly but surely, more and more energy became available to do what I love again. Version 2.0 of myself is happy, energetic, and free(er) from stress once more."

G.R. (37 years old)

Faresa client


"When I realized I needed help, I was hesitant to take this first step, but I'm extremely glad I went to Faresa. I immediately connected with my psychologist and was tremendously well assisted. Today, I feel good again, all thanks to Faresa. Thank you!"

E.C. (17 years old)

Faresa client

Well-being tips for companies

Opt for an integrated mental well-being policy according to the prevention continuum, with services and tools that fit into each of the 3 phases. (see the movie below in Dutch)

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