Complete platform for mental well-being

Prioritizing mental well-being is crucial, but often not straightforward. Harnessing the power of technology, we make mental healthcare more accessible and efficient than ever before. Whether you're seeking support for yourself or your employees, Faresa offers a comprehensive digital-human well-being platform where diagnostics and interventions go hand in hand. Digital diagnostics (DDx) and digital therapeutic interventions (DTx) lie at the heart of our scientific research and are specially designed to guide you or your employees towards mental health in the most effective manner.


Digital diagnostics (DDx)

At Faresa, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable diagnosis of mental health conditions. We combine over 15 years of experience in traditional diagnostics with digital psychodiagnostics. Through user-friendly tools available on apps or websites, we offer the opportunity for individuals to assess their mental health in areas such as stress, burnout, vitality, sleep, focus, ergonomics, or employee satisfaction. Our experts then complement this information obtained via smartphone or wearable with their clinical judgment, enabling us to arrive at a reliable diagnosis together.

Are you ready to take control of your mental well-being again?


Digital therapeutic interventions (DTx)

We support both you and your employees with digital interventions that promote mental well-being. Our unique digital-human well-being platform creates a seamless transition from online self-help for mild symptoms to personal guidance by professional psychologists for moderate or severe symptoms. The level of digital or personal support is fully tailored to the severity and nature of the symptoms. Additionally, our offering of e-learning modules covers a wide range of topics such as stress and burnout, leadership, depression, anxiety, alcohol and drugs, perfectionism, rumination, sleep, self-esteem, and lifestyle.


A complete well-being platform

A comprehensive well-being platform. Whether you want to take preventive action or are in recovery, our well-being platform offers a complete solution for improving your mental health, grounded in science and practical experience. As an individual, healthcare professional, or company, you can subscribe to our platform.


Meet the Faresa team

Our experts guide you, your loved ones, or your employees towards improved mental health, utilizing innovative technology. Get to know our psychologists, consultants, and technical experts to find out which digital solutions match your challenges.


We collaborate with various partners to shape research and development further and strengthen our impact. We aim to create innovative solutions together and train professionals who are ready for the mental healthcare of tomorrow, whether we approach the individual from a professional or personal perspective.


Together with Sony, we are working on the development of a new type of wearable device to measure chronic stress. The wearables currently available measure peak stress, and in managing chronic stress and depressive symptoms, psychologists and clients don't find them particularly useful. Therefore, we are looking for a better solution to have more impact through tech-enabled care. This research project has also been approved by the ethics committee of the UZA


“Our collaboration with Faresa has opened the door to new possibilities in the use of advanced technologies within mental healthcare. Together, we conducted several projects on the role of technology in therapy, allowing us to further strengthen the scientific basis of our product. Faresa's innovative approach, seamlessly integrating science and technology, has also helped us refine our products and services in terms of user experience and therapeutic effectiveness. We look forward to the continued positive impact Faresa will have in the field of mental health.

Stefanie Broes


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Together with UQalify, we provide the input of our knowledge and tips for the mental wellbeing topic, which they can offer to their corporate clients and employees along with a Masterclass by Professor Dr. Nele Jacobs. It involves an interactive community platform for learning in a different way. Their slogan is 'Learn Different,' and this also applies to our expertise. We are proud to offer our content internationally through this Antwerp-based partner”.