Faresa: your partner for mental well-being

With 15 years of experience, Faresa is definitely not a newcomer or 'new kid on the block.' From the outset, we have believed that accessible psychological support through schools, work, and private settings adds value to the mental well-being of individuals in every stage of life. Our expertise is based on clinical experience and scientific research, which is shaped by sustainable client relationships. This is how we continue to grow and gladly contribute our part to a world full of well-being. Examples include: Tessenderlo Group, Intesa, Lidl, 1peram, Cofinimmo, VIAS, ...


Clinical expertise

Our team of healthcare professionals collaborates closely with clients in our physical practices, prioritizing the individual's needs. We continuously examine, develop, practice, and evaluate the quality of our care solutions within our own ecosystem, in conjunction with our partners. This dual focus allows us to apply our expertise not only in healthcare but also in the corporate realm, contributing to a mentally healthier and more productive work environment. As a recognized center of expertise under the supervision of Jaak Beckers, we share our knowledge to create a greater impact and ensure quality in all psychological counseling.

Recent publication example: Ross, V., Brijs, K., Dirix, H., Wets, G., Neven, A., Vanrompay, Y., Claes, N., & Jacobs, N. (2023). Early client involvement in the design of a blended smartphone application and dashboard for depression (TOTEM). Journal of Evidence-Based Psychotherapies, 23(1):97-135.

Scientific research


Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Nele Jacobs, we have established a robust scientific research program since our inception. This program has undergone various phases, ranging from measurement and norming (2009-2016) to interventions (2013-2018). In 2019, we began incorporating innovative mHealth applications. Dr. Veerle Ross, our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), is currently responsible for further developing and overseeing our research. We take pride in our research DNA and proudly refer to our colleagues as scientist-practitioners. Our passion lies in helping people achieve better mental health in the most efficient and responsible manner possible.

The Faresa team

We have everything in-house. By everything, we mean everyone who is primarily needed to work on mental health: the clients and the healthcare professionals in our physical practices.


Digital tools

In 2014, Prof. Dr. Nele Jacobs initiated the development of our digital tools. This resulted in two smartphone apps and a web application. These first and second-generation tools focus on self-assessment and management, advanced personalized triage, and digital interventions and group-level reporting. Ir. Rogier Thissen (Chief Technology Officer or CTO) is responsible for developing the third-generation tools, enabling us to achieve more efficient diagnostics and interventions on our well-being platform through active and passive data.


We collaborate with various partners to shape research and development further and strengthen our impact. We aim to create innovative solutions together and train professionals who are ready for the mental healthcare of tomorrow, whether we approach the individual from a professional or personal perspective.


Together with Sony, we are working on the development of a new type of wearable device to measure chronic stress. The wearables currently available measure peak stress, and in managing chronic stress and depressive symptoms, psychologists and clients don't find them particularly useful. Therefore, we are looking for a better solution to have more impact through tech-enabled care. This research project has also been approved by the ethics committee of the UZA


“Our collaboration with Faresa has opened the door to new possibilities in the use of advanced technologies within mental healthcare. Together, we conducted several projects on the role of technology in therapy, allowing us to further strengthen the scientific basis of our product. Faresa's innovative approach, seamlessly integrating science and technology, has also helped us refine our products and services in terms of user experience and therapeutic effectiveness. We look forward to the continued positive impact Faresa will have in the field of mental health.

Stefanie Broes


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Together with UQalify, we provide the input of our knowledge and tips for the mental wellbeing topic, which they can offer to their corporate clients and employees along with a Masterclass by Professor Dr. Nele Jacobs. It involves an interactive community platform for learning in a different way. Their slogan is 'Learn Different,' and this also applies to our expertise. We are proud to offer our content internationally through this Antwerp-based partner”.