Improving my mental well-being

Your mental well-being, as well as that of your loved ones, forms the basis for a happy life. There are moments when your mental health is under pressure. At such times, it's important to seek help from a professional. An expert who can assist you in clarifying the issues and working together to find a solution.


Tailored diagnostics

At our center, you can access comprehensive diagnostic assessments tailored to address the challenges you or your child may be facing. Count on our experts for evaluations covering:

  • intelligence
  • attention (ADHD, ADD)
  • social-emotional problems (anxiety, depression)
  • social-communicative problems (autism or ASD)
  • behavioral problems

Certain aspects of the diagnostic process can even be conducted online or digitally.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled directly with the respective psychologist.


Psychological counseling

Do you want not only insight into your problems but also to actively work to improve your well-being? Our psychological counseling provides solutions. Whether you are experiencing mild issues (such as worrying, performance anxiety, perfectionism, stress, or burnout) or more severe symptoms (such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or addiction), we are here for you.

Parents concerned about their child's mental health can also turn to our child psychologists for support.

Your employer may possibly cover the cost of your psychological counseling as part of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


Career guidance

Are you looking for a job that truly suits you, do you want more satisfaction from your current work, or are you dreaming of starting your own business? Through career guidance, we will search together for your answers. We only offer this guidance through career vouchers, which makes it extra beneficial for you. Want to know more about the conditions? Be sure to check out the VDAB website (click here). Are you not eligible for career vouchers? No problem, the rate is then 90 euros per 60 minutes.

Don't have access to career vouchers? No problem! We can also address your career questions through our psychological guidance.


Progress with blended learning

Blended learning combines psychological counseling (Hasselt, Brussels, online) with supportive technology. Our psychologists are ready to work with you to select digital tools that promote your growth and progress (wearables, smartphone apps, or web applications). We conduct extensive scientific research into this innovative approach and are always looking for participants.


Get to know the Faresa team

Our experts guide you, your loved ones, or employees towards improved mental health. Meet our coaches, clinical psychologists, work and organizational psychologists, neuropsychologists, and other experts to find out who is the right match for your challenge.