Anne Neyskens

Clinical psychologist - Behavioral therapist - Supervisor


With experience in leadership roles and clinical psychology, I provide scientifically based and human-centered therapy. I strongly believe in authenticity and transparency and am a proud mother of two sons.

“There’s always another story, there’s more than meets the eye” – W.H. Auden


My background

Driven by my fascination with the human mind and behavior, I studied Clinical Psychology and Behavior Therapy at KU Leuven. My focus is on understanding and influencing human behavior within various relational ecosystems such as relationships, families, and work environments. Therefore, I mainly work with adolescents and adults, both individually, as couples, and in family contexts. My career as a psychologist-psychotherapist includes experience in various settings, including CGG, universities, psychiatric hospitals, and group practices. I have often combined my clinical work with leadership roles, project management, and teaching assignments. In addition to my work at Faresa, I have my own practice and I am affiliated as a supervisor of Integrative Psychotherapy at UA and Behavior Therapy at KU Leuven.

What you can come to me for

  • A wide range of psychological problems and goals
  • Behavior therapy for adolescents and adults
  • Personality disorders
  • Work-related challenges
  • Individual, couple, and familytherapy
  • Guidance in value-based living and dealing with changes

What characterizes me

  • Building bridges, trying to inspire people, and focusing on (care) innovation
  • A combination of scientific foundation and human-centered approach
  • Authenticity and transparency in therapy
  • Experience in various therapeutic contexts and leadership roles

My approach

In my work, I combine scientific foundation with a human-centered approach, where authenticity and transparency are central. Building bridges, inspiring, and focusing on healthcare innovation have been the common thread throughout my career.

My leisure activities

As a proud mother of two sons and happily married, I find balance in my life by dancing tango (because it always takes two), traveling, and maintaining an optimistic outlook on life. I strongly believe in pursuing higher goals and constantly seeking connection with others. Because 'It always seems impossible until it’s done.' – Nelson Mandela

Are there many changes happening in your life or do you have questions about your personal challenges? I'm here to support you.