Dr. Kristien Scheepers



Do you need the assistance of a psychiatrist with extensive expertise? I believe in a versatile and integrated approach to improve your mental health.


My background

I am Dr. Kristien Scheepers, a psychiatrist with extensive academic and practical experience. I completed my medical studies and specialization in psychiatry at Maastricht University. My training includes various psychotherapeutic methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, group therapy, and systemic therapy. I obtained a master's degree in psychotherapy from the Université Catholique de Louvain and specialized in schema therapy, pharmacotherapy, and geriatric psychiatry.

What you can come to me for

  • Psychotherapeutic treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
  • Schema therapy and systemic therapy.
  • Expertise in pharmacotherapy and geriatric psychiatry.

What characterizes me

  • In-depth knowledge and skills in a wide spectrum of psychotherapies.
  • A strong focus on treating both adults and the elderly.
  • A holistic approach, integrating medical and psychotherapeutic treatment methods.

Mijn aanpak

As a psychiatrist, I believe in a versatile and integrated approach to mental health. I work in both a psychiatric hospital and a private practice, focusing mainly on adults and the elderly. My approach combines psychotherapy with the latest insights in pharmacotherapy, tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Do you need guidance to improve your mental health? I'm here to support you.