Prof. Dr. Nele Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Clinical psychologist - Behavioral therapist


I am an entrepreneur, researcher, and innovator in the field of mental health promotion. My role at Faresa is to inspire and empower other experts to excel in their talents, aiming to have a greater impact on the mental well-being in both the private and professional lives of individuals.

“To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to change often”
– Winston Churchill


My background

Throughout my career, I have primarily been active as a researcher and business owner. I combine my academic work with my role as CEO of Faresa. My expertise spans across general management and innovations in healthcare.

What you can come to me for

  • For an explanation of Faresa's vision, mission, and values
  • For an introduction to our services and products aimed at improving well-being for organizations and their employees

What characterizes me

  • People-oriented
  • Goal-oriented
  • Working with a scientific foundation

My role

Collaborating with the right people is essential for achieving meaningful goals. At Faresa, I find these individuals - colleagues dedicated to both management and care for our clients. Our focus is on fostering growth within Faresa, in terms of impact, customer base, and international expansion. I am constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for Faresa, ready to seize and realize them with an enthusiastic team of like-minded individuals. My passion lies in promoting technology-supported mental healthcare.

My leisure activities

Outside of my professional life, I find fulfillment in spending time with my family, which consists of my husband and three young children. I relax by engaging in activities with them, or with friends and family, or by enjoying music or visiting the wellness center.

Are you looking for professional support? I'm here to help you.