Rogier Thissen

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


I am a dedicated technology enthusiast driven by a passion for creating user-friendly technologies that not only simplify tasks but also inspire those who use them. Within Faresa, I focus on implementing technology in service delivery.

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames

My approach

As a dedicated technology enthusiast, I am passionate about creating user-friendly technologies that simplify tasks and inspire users. My expertise ranges from developing intuitive interfaces to innovating in medical technology, always striving to see technology as an empowering force.

What you can come to me for

  • Development of user-friendly technologies
  • Innovation in medical and psychological applications
  • Integration of AI into targeted solutions

What characterizes me

  • A deep passion for technology and innovation
  • A focus on improving user well-being through technology
  • A pioneer in combining technology with healthcare

My approach

Particularly drawn to the intersection of technology and healthcare, I weave my background in AI into targeted applications, with a keen eye on enhancing medical and psychological applications. The goal is to contribute to solutions that positively impact user well-being. Faresa is committed to blended care, and I am delighted to play my part in this.

My leisure activities

Outside the world of software and algorithms, I find peace and excitement on the open sea. Sailing is not just a hobby for me; it is a journey that reflects the adventurous spirit I bring to both technology and life. Whether navigating waves or discovering new destinations, the sea is where I find inspiration.


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