Kirsten Bielen

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - HR


I am a solution-oriented and people-focused professional who supports Faresa with their finance and human resources policies. With a side step as a burnout coach and career counselor, I am very passionate about guiding Faresa further in its pursuit of operational excellence.

“Paths are made by walking” - Franz Kafka


My background

Throughout my career, I have primarily worked as a CFO/Finance-HR Manager. I combine coaching and mentoring skills with operational experience and solid expertise in management, leadership, finance, and HR.

What you can come to me for

You can come to me with questions about financials and reporting. I am the point of contact for HR-related topics, so internal employees can rely on me for support in their own operations.

What characterizes me

  • Sensitivity to the energy and emotions behind human interactions
  • Skill in bridging the gap between business goals and human needs

My role

By working hand in hand with various stakeholders, I consistently align myself with the interests of the business and the end user. I leverage these skills and expertise to take on the role of CFO within Faresa, focusing on financial processes and the development of human capital within the organization. In doing so, I assist Faresa in leveraging opportunities to create new ideas or products and transform the organization with a strong focus on human capital, innovation, and strategy.

My leisure activities

Outside of my professional life, I find fulfillment in exploring new ideas and perspectives. I am passionate about personal growth and development, both in my own life and in supporting others on their journey.

If you have any questions or if you're curious about whether a position at Faresa is right for you, feel free to contact me here.